Movie Credits

Created by Birdman, Tim BarksdaleProduced, directed and filmed by: Timothy Barksdale, Birdman Productions

Edited: Rob Whitehair

Writers: Kate Youngdahl, Steve Zorn, Rob Whitehair

Additional Camera: Nick Clausen, Shawn Dunaway

Historical Photos: Kansas Memory Org, Nebraska New York Historical Society, St. Louis Mercantile

Library Sound Recording: Birdman, Shawn Dunaway, Mike Andersen

R-44 Helicopters: Allen Wichita, Kansas

Minicopter: Tabb Firchau, Aerial imaging, Movi

Tabb Firchau preparing helicopter to fly over fireSurround Sound processing: William, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Assistant Editor /Logging: Timothy Barksdale, Joshua A. Carney

Editing: Ryan Lewis

Final Editor: Rob Whitehair

Native American Dancing: Dustin Whitford, Larry Yazzie

Plowing: Barnie Wall, Minnesota & Earl

Horses: "Tuesday" - filmed at the Nachusa Grasslands, The Nature Conservancy

Blinds: By Birdman- North Country Canvas, Montana

Sproul BlackHatThanks to:

  • The Nature Conservancy Dunn Ranch

  • Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

  • Valentine National Widlife Refuge
Special Thanks to:

  • The American Bird Conservancy - without your support this film could not have been made

  • Dave Younkman- Heath Hen
Laura GilchristInterviewees In order of Appearance:

  • Philip Wire

  • Bill Sproul

  • Dr. Lance Mc New

  • Robert Jones

  • Dr. Jeffery Walk

  • Dr. Clarence Lehman

  • Laura Gilchrist
Field assistance: Taras Bereskovsky, Shawn Dunaway, Nancy Leo, Brett Budach, Linda Williams, Seth Ames

Heath Hen

After being a bountiful food source for a growing population for many years, the Heath Hen of the Northeast was the first to become extinct.

Attwater's Prairie Chicken

Attwater's subspecies of the Greater Prairie Chicken has specific coastal habitat requirements that have rapidly disappeared.

Greater Prairie Chicken

Today landscape level remnants of Tallgrass Prairie are shrinking rapidly and threatening our Greater Prairie Chicken.