Where Did We Film This?

Filmed on Location: Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas & Wisconsin

Coneflowers on the Pawnee

  • IOWA

    • Hayden Prairie

    • Broken Kettle Grassland


    • The Nature Conservancy - Nachusa Grassland

    • Illinois Audubon Sanctuary

    • Illinois Natural Area - Scott Simpson

    • The John Deere

  • Prairie BlindKANSAS

    • Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

    • Prairie Chicken access courtesy of Roger Wells & Angela Anderson

    • James Haw- rancher Kansas City

    • Lee Bass

    • Anderson County Kansas

    • Lyon County Kansas

    • Chase County Kansas

    • other locations in the Flint Hills of Kansas

  • Winter GrassesMINNESOTA

    • The Nature Conservancy - Felton Prairie

    • Locations outside Ada - Norman Co., Polk Co. and Clay Co.

    • Prairie Chicken Monument- Rothsay, Wilkin Co.

    • Native prairies near Pipestone

    • Jeffers Petroglyphs and surrounding area, Cottonwood Co.

    • Sod house- near Sanborn, Brown Co.

    • Plowing with mules- Butterfield, Watonwan Co.

    • Clarence Lehman Interview at Cedar Creek Research Station, perhaps the worlds greatest facility devoted to study of the productivity of prairies and grasses

  • Missouri DIrtMISSOURI

    • The Nature Conservancy- Dunn Ranch

    • The Missouri Prairie Foundation

    • Pennsylvania Prairie

    • Shaw Nature Reserve of the Missouri Botanical Garden Gray Summit, Missouri

    • Missouri Department of Conservation Taberville Prairie

    • Missouri Department of Conservation Pawnee Prairie


    • "Vast Prairie"

    • Bitter Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern

    • Other locations in Valley Co.

  • Compass Plant Survives FireNEBRASKA

    • Sandhills of Nebraska

    • Nebraska National Forest

    • Glen Baum - Tecumseh, Nebraska

    • Robert Jones - Stapleton, Nebraska


    • Pierre National Grasslands, Lyman Co.

    • Plowing along Hwy 14 near Hayes, Stanley Co.

    • North of Winner, Tripp Co.

  • Dawn on the prairieTEXAS

    • The Nature Conservancy- Texas Prairie Preserve


    • Buena Vista Grasslands

Heath Hen

After being a bountiful food source for a growing population for many years, the Heath Hen of the Northeast was the first to become extinct.

Attwater's Prairie Chicken

Attwater's subspecies of the Greater Prairie Chicken has specific coastal habitat requirements that have rapidly disappeared.

Greater Prairie Chicken

Today landscape level remnants of Tallgrass Prairie are shrinking rapidly and threatening our Greater Prairie Chicken.