Battle on the Booming Grounds

A Precipitously Fast Decline

First it was the ubiquitous Heath Hen of the East Coast. Next was the "Attwater's" Prairie Chicken of the Gulf Coast. Human encroachment in the mid-continent, be it for farm or energy production, continues to fragment the landscape needed for Prairie Chickens. Can we reverse this trend and keep our chickens around for future generations?

How We Got Here   Why Care?

The Quiet Crisis Today

Our millions of acres of landscape-level tallgrass prairie are gone forever. Small patches of restored prairie are not enough to sustain prairie chickens so it will take an effort from many to avoid extinction. Click on the "Read More" button to better understand the greatest threats today and how you can help make a difference.

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Our Mystical Tallgrass Prairie

Greater Prairie Chicken

Many of us have heard that there are important species to the wholeness of an ecosystem. Greater Prairie Chicken is one of those.    Read More

Flowers, Grasses & Forbs

Of the hundreds of flowers, grasses, and forbs found in prairies, some are considered umbrella species critical to the health of the ecosystem.   Read More

Other Species

Beyond the prairie chicken a number of other species of birds are dependent upon healthy prairies for survival. These species also help to maintain prairie health.   Read More

Note from the Producer

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A Brutal 150 Years