Max Allegher
Roger Allison
Dr. Jackie Augustine
Glen and Mary Lou Baum
Glen Chambers
Steve Clubine
Dee Cee Darrow
Andrew Gregory
Gov. Mike Hayden - former Governor of the State of Kansas
Dr. John Herron - Environmental Historian, U.M.K.C.
Gerald Horak - retired Prairie Chicken Biologist, Emporia, Kansas
John Hoskins - former Director of Missouri Department of Conservation
Robert Jones
Doug Ladd
Clarence Lehman
Richard Manning
Dr. Lance McNew
Mike Morrow - USFWS, Attwater’s Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge, Texas
Mark B. Robbins
Dr. Robert Robel (deceased)
Scott Simpson
Bill Sproul
Dr. Daniel Svedarsky
Dr. John Toepfer
Richard Tush - wildlife Biologist, Kansas
William Vodenhal
Dr. Jeffrey Walk
Philip Wire
David Younkman - Vice President, American Bird Conservancy

Heath Hen

After being a bountiful food source for a growing population for many years, the Heath Hen of the Northeast was the first to become extinct.

Attwater's Prairie Chicken

Attwater's subspecies of the Greater Prairie Chicken has specific coastal habitat requirements that have rapidly disappeared.

Greater Prairie Chicken

Today landscape level remnants of Tallgrass Prairie are shrinking rapidly and threatening our Greater Prairie Chicken.